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Discernment & Suffering

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” (Murakami, 2009). Problems, conflicts and unavoidable discomfort are part of the human experience, but the choice to suffer is voluntary. Suffering can be described as feeling pain in a broad sense. I believe that psychological suffering comes from the lack of acknowledgment or understanding of the true source of pain or discomfort. Once one finds the location of pain, however, they can then move into the solution.

This approach to pain location, then brings solution into the discomfort, and reduces the amount of suffering one may experience. I tend to relate to physical pain as being a messenger. I see it as my body speaking to me and trying to communicate a message. I have a couple systems I work with in regards to pain.

First, I will look at the chakras to see the general area and what that is related to. Second, I will look up the metaphysical connection to the pain in Louise Hay’s Book, You Can Heal Your Life. Once I find the source of the pain, I usually try to dissipate that inner energy, deal and face the cause, and then send healing to that area.

Environmental pain, however, could be described as distractions, clutter, unwanted noises, or technology that does not work correctly. These circumstances can disrupt the natural flow and create a discord. The goal in this area would be to begin detaching from the environment and recognize that the only thing one has true control over is their inner environment, so to gain contorl deep on that level and simply sit with what comes up will help bring self-understanding. Once you see the trigger, you have a choice to either react or release. If you react you will have the consequences of that reaction. If you release, however, and fuel the situation with oxygen and detachment, you may a couple intense moments, but then the energy will pass and you will return to equilibrium!

With the proper discernment to see how challenges are here for our ultimate growth and expansion, one will begin to shift! feel I can grow. With self-awareness, acknowledgement, and identification one can begin to diminish that broad sense of pain, make it more specific, and see how we are all being asked to grow through this complicated wed we call life.


1. Murakami, H. (2009) What I Talk About When I talk About Running. New York: Random House, Inc.

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