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Palm Beach Officiant | Sophie Skover Frabotta

Transpersonal Psychology is a holistic approach to psychotherapy. Instead of just dealing with the mind as in traditional psychology, transpersonal psychology treats all six aspects of human existence: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative and relational.  


Transpersonal Psychology is a sub-field of psychology that integrates spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experience with modern psychology. The transpersonal is defined as "experiences where the sense of self-identity extends beyond the individual (trans) to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, and the psyche" (Walsh & Vaughan, 1993). While traditional psychology often studies neurosis, Transpersonal Pyschology studies human potential and the possibility of peak experiences when the individual is psychologically healthy. 


Transpersonal psychology is often referred to as Spiritual Psychology, and includes the following areas of study: 

  • Spiritual Self-Development

  • The Self beyond the Ego

  • Spiritual Consciousness & Evolution

  • Peak Experiences

  • Mystical Experiences

  • Religious Fusion

  • Spiritual Practices

  • Expanded Experiences of Living

Sophie received her Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA, with a specialization in Spiritual Psychology. Through her transformative learning, and integration of wisdom principles, she now offers a different take on how to live a life of fullness.  She applies these practices to her professional work and offers expansive ways to transform one's life through coaching, enriches ceremonies with a deeper understanding of ancient wisdom, and explores and engages in new possibilities that embrace the principles of transpersonal psychology.  This degree prepared Sophie to follow her deepest passion and to apply transpersonal theories, practices, and spiritual technologies in a variety of modern modalities. 



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Transpersonal Psychology

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