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Clearing Energy With Meditation

As we close our eyes and sit, we become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Using a point of foucs, detach from everything that is surfacing. It is ok to notice, but try not to follow. Remember--energy is never lost nor destroyed but transferred from one party to another. If this transfer is not processed, however, the energy becomes stagnant within us. When we meditate all this stagnant energy finally has a chance to reveal itself. This does not always feel good, but one can use the breath to move through these moments and finally release this stale energy. One can also understand that as the energetic debris is being recognized, it is showing you it is ready for a release. If you see it, you cannot be it at the same time. So this energy is something that our being no longer needs and it is ok to let it go. Once we allow it to surface without judgment or a reaction, the energy is then transmuted into a higher vibration.

This is why we meditate; to quiet the inner environment enough, so we release what we no longer need. Then from that space we gain a buoyant access to this eternal broadcast from God that is constantly in action but opperating at a whisper. This meditative practice grants us access to this wise internal system that (with practice) can connect us back to the ultimate truth that we are whole and fully loved!

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