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The Way of the Tao

Chapter seventy-one in the Tao starts out by saying: "One who knows, yet does not think he knows, is best." This caught my attention. Right now in my vocational unfolding, I feel like I have so much to learn. I know I am fully whole where I am, but to grow into my vision, I have a lot of developing and expanding upon my path. This chapter is a reminder that even when we feel that we have accumulated more knowledge, there will always be more to find, which is the humble life of a seeker.

It goes on to say: "One who does not know, yet thinks he knows, creates a problem. One who is aware of such flaws corrects them." Becoming aware of the humble nature within and allowing the Self to sit in a space of "I do not know" takes strength. The holistic awareness however, of being able to have information about a topic and use discernment in the sharing of it, or admitting when we need more information takes us into wise pastures.

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